Writing | Writing a Fantasy Novel for Beginners

Build a foundation to write your fantasy novel upon!

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I will show you how to: Create better fantasy worlds Establish plot structure Improve protagonists and antagonists Add emotion to your novel Improve side characters with subplots Create Story and Character development Decide on creating a series or not AND many tips and advice to add to your writing arsenal!

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Matthew Dewey

Writer, Author, Instructor

My name is Matthew and I have been a writer for many years now. The first publication I made was at age of 19 and from there I went on to write many books and stories to pursue my passion. In my practice and studies I learnt many techniques in writing and took note of the advice that was given to me. The result was me making a career from my writing by improving it every day. I help any beginner writer start down the same track and refine their passion.

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