Simple, Effective Drawing Methods for Hands | No Complex Lessons, Draw Hands the Easy Way

Learn How to Draw Simple Hands

Course Summary

In this course you will learn how to draw simple hands effectively. No complex lessons that take you nowhere, but great, easy methods that help you draw and shape hands. Learn basic shape, shading and proportions in this delightful course!

Course Curriculum

Matthew Dewey

Writer, Author, Instructor

My name is Matthew and I have been a writer for many years now. The first publication I made was at age of 19 and from there I went on to write many books and stories to pursue my passion. In my practice and studies I learnt many techniques in writing and took note of the advice that was given to me. The result was me making a career from my writing by improving it every day. I help any beginner writer start down the same track and refine their passion.

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